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Saturday, 30 April 2011

justin bieber fuck someone??? nah,,,,, he just having a crush to someone. guess who???

Justin Bieber has been offering Cheryl Cole some pearls of wisdom when it comes to her house-hunting technique in the US.

The singer, who has previously admitted to having a crush on the Girls Aloud star, said she needs to rethink her rental choices for Los Angeles. He told The Sun: "She needs to get out of her rented place and buy a great place in LA. She needs help. I saw the place she was renting in a magazine and she is in the wrong part of LA for sure. I have a place in LA and so many of my buddies have great places. I can help show her round the properties in the best and coollest areas. Where I really want to show her is in the Hills. Zac Efron and Mick Jagger live there and we can go and see how great their places are. I am sure that will sell it to Cheryl."

whos lucky now??? selena,,, ngahahahaaa

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