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Saturday, 30 April 2011

justin bieber gile seks, gile perempuan, banyak awek, suka meroyan, perasan hensem, bajet hot, kasanova, justin bieber banyak pacar, banyak awek,,,

eheh?? no lah,, mane ade die camtu,, tak kene langsung dengan die,, cube tengo muke die yang suci ni,,,, ade rupe ke justin bieber ni perogol orang???? hahaha,,,, tak kasanova langsung la,,,, tak playboy pun si justin bieber ni,,, cube tengok gambar2 die dengan 'girlfriend' die ni,,,,,ni smue maybe ade ex-gf die,,, n kawan2 perempuan justin bieber,,,, mana i taw,, hahaha,,,,, so here it is-->

dun get jeleous ya,,,, ngahaahahhaa! ewwww,,,

bangga muke perempuan ni kene peluk ngan justin bieber,,, haha

cover ur boobs lady coz justin bieber hand watching!

selena gomez horny day with justin,,,,,

'i'm his twin!! justin bieber twinahh!,,,' ngahaaa!

peace to her ass,, rude justin bieber! haha

being a duck is so hard! look at his mouth! haha
'no other better pillow!-justin bieber¬'-whos that anyway?

i'm ur mummy! dun go!

dun pretend lady,, i know u want to grab him,, wake up already n bite him!! ngahaaahaa-is it him?? ngehhhh!

yahh,, we love to eat film strip,,,, ngahahahaa

dats not justin!! WHAT THE TEETH??

isnt dat rihanna wit justin buble,, i mean bieber,,, ?

'must be his fan'-jeleous fans,,,,

my kiss worth thousand,, pay me already bitch-justin bieber

hell yeah,, i'm a playground! all peeps want to play with me-justin bieber

ugly face from justin bieber fans-big mouth u got there justin,,,, i wonder,, nahhh

dun get jeleous,, i know u do coz i'm a celeb to,, mehmehmeh,,,,,,

my hair better bitches, its shiniERR??-justin bieber

these are my future wife-justin bieber... wrong background,, oamagaaaahhhhh! fail betul,,

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