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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Who Said that being a cleaner is easy??

it's not easy at all !!,,, they risk their life u know,, u dun know?? i tell you la,,,,, ngehehehe,,,    sape kate keje cleaner tak merbahaya?? sesenang makan kacang?? piece of cake??,, nyyeeeeehh,.,, what u about to see will change all of our perceptions to cleaner,,, (dalam gambar ni bukan sahaja cleaner but orang awam yang cube clean kan umah dorang,, but still a cleaner in their own home,, ngahahahaa!!!...
MY GODDDDD!! so who says we need SPIDERMAN,,,, that nenek can climb the wall what?? ngahahaha,, becareful ganny!!
THIS was like,,, WHAT THE FUN??? if that were me,, i terkencing already duhh,,, ngahahaha,,!! dah rase gayat tak???

YE!! YEESSS!<<< push him!! push him!!!!!

I wonder what will happen to his head if he suddenly slip his kaki...

SIAN ATUK,,, where's ur grandchildrens?? i want to slap,,  mehmehmeh!!!

iF I WERE his neighbour i will ask him to clean up my window too,,, ngehehehe!! LOMPAT!!

Hoping that the tennis ball will hit his head,,, haha,,,

Oh my goshhh,,, how come that happened??? the guy must be mentally problems,,,

EWAH... EWAH.. yea,, i have my own jongkang jongket!! it's cool,,,, i'm waiting for my 'JUMP'

CUCI TEAM,, i wonder which one is AFdlin SHAUKI??? coz all seems slimmer,, ngahahaha..

Yaa,,, if i were them, i make my own statue,,, yeah!! or patahkan hidung patung tuu,, perfect!!

Wuhuu,,, my KLCC!!! Kasi Lagi Cuci-Cuci!! ngahahaha

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