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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

YOU the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER?? i dun think so.....

haha,, because apa yang anda bakal tengok adalah,,,,, GEMPAKKKK,,, memang kipas susah mati photographer,,,, dun even care about the situation, always enjoy awesomeness of what picture will they snap!!
so you think u r the best DSLR users?? best photographer ? think twice coz they will rawk ur pitchaaaassss!!

Bang, can u shoot me??

I'm a bird!!

Nice.. nice.... dun eat me,, grrrrr (why bunyi anjeng??)

Please learn what is the meaning for PRIVACY.. . . gigih die nak jugak, seswai ngan pepatah 'sampai ke lubang kunci aku cari!!!'.. ngahahahahahaha!!

COWS= he wearing RED underware,,, ohh, its renoma,,,! we hate gays!!,, chit3!

I hope his camera fell down,,, hahha

IT's SNOW time!!!

Eat him!!

Ohhh,, nice butt u got there!!! snap!!

Lets shoot the stars!! (wow,, we can buy a car with those value camerahhh!)

Andddd SNAPPP!!! i got it,, i got it,,,, !!

Not so extreame,,, i can do it,,,

My life is not that important,,, hey guys, pose!!!

Whoopssssss,, the guy who took this picture has lot of skill doesn't he?? ngehngehngeh!!!

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