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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

'WOWWWWW' word is a must!

and yeah,, 1st time i saw this fotos was like 2 months ago and now i want to share with u guys wit something amazing and i call it 'GEMPAKKK!'...
If it were in my country, dah lame dah i stand there without a single move,,,, makan ngan minum pun kat situ,, ngahahahaa....
Actually its a 3D street illusion, i dunno who made this but its totally awesome n hilarious sometimes,,, ngehehehee......
Sure!! ur head will got so much hematomas(lebam/bruises)!!!

Dun worry.. he's strong.. HOLD IT MAN!!!

Ahhh,,, at last i can do my skiying (ski+dying...)

If there were a kid, he must be shouting= MUM DUN WALK THERE U DAMN IT.. oh,, whooppsss,,,, ngehehehe!

Dun be to THRILL coz they telling you the truth!! mehmehmeh! bawah tu mmg kotor!

Wow,, lots of monkey will mati sebab cubaan bergayut yang tak pernah berjaya!! ngahahahaa!

YESSSS!!! at last,, i got MR. CRAB!!!!!!! no one will sell burgers other than me!!

ALAHHH<< dah la tu, nak bajet gempak pulak,.,haha,,

I hope that thing turns real,,, bye2 su*kers,, ngahahaha!

PHONN PHONN!! (gosh, i dunno how to spell the sounds)

No worries, coz he will make it with NO time!

WOw,, amazing.. if it were in KL,,,

U jump I run,,,,,

what is that POKEMON??? oh it's superduperman,,

you see all of this stuff they doin xtually o attract people. not like us,, kids in malaysia love to make things more 'adorable' n very 'hell attractive'.. ngahahaha!!-->

Haha,,, creative kan??

Wat is that again??

See,, my handset pun dorang conteng,,, ngahahaha!

Somewhere at somewhere?

Nice motorbike kan?? EX5.. LOL... kikikiki!

Wow,,, macam kenal je mask yang ni??

-dun make vandalism,, LOVE ur country,,, adios!! ngehehehee!

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